Real estate in Latvia for sale
& residence permit in Europe

Latvian Residence Permit program is primarily interesting for Russians  

     Among CIS citizens the main investors in the Latvia's real estate are Russians.

It's known that on the 1st of September 2014 the amendments to the Latvian Immigration Act came into force. It increased the threshold amount for real estate investing. Nevertheless, the Latvian Residence Permit program operates successfully. In spite of foreign policy and economic risks, as well as a significant drop in the number of transactions, CIS citizens are still willing to invest in real estate in Latvia. Over the past year 199 people received the residence permit in the country. The vast majority of them are the Russians (146). Then follow Ukrainians (15), Chinese (10), Kazakhs (9), Azerbaijanis (6), Uzbeks (6) and others (8).

Armen Sarkisjan