Real estate in Latvia for sale
& residence permit in Europe

Your new home will be located in the building, which is a part of historical center of Riga city. This location provides comfortable living, working and entertaining. The house is built in its own unique style and the apartments are designed in terms of comfort.

The house stands at the crossroad of Gertrudes street and Akas street. Gertrudes street has many beautiful and peculiar buildings, each capable of impressing you with their attractive design. The buildings were made for prosperous citizens and represented the architectural styles of different periods. 

The 20th century also has added its amendments to the design. Therefore a walk around here is a pleasure indeed.


Now many offices of different companies are located here. There are a school, kindergarten and shopping centers nearby as well. Two cafes and wine shop are situated in the house as well as flower shop and women's clothing store. Also there is German kitchens salon. 

You can also find three comfortable parks, a river with clean, transparent water, walking paths and all of them are in a walking distance. In summer, this place fits for running or cycling, which can help to relax after the city noise. 


The sum of these factors makes this place ideal for long-term residing.