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In recent years, a large-scale program for the restoration of old buildings is carried out in Riga. And now in the historic center of the Latvian capital you can buy ready-to-live renewed apartment in the Art Nouveau style, which is inherent in the city. All these houses are now reconstructed with using the newest building technologies. Kempel House has become a good example of successful modernization of an old building.

Wide-scale reconstruction of the building has been completed in May 2013. Many significant alterations have saved unique ancient view of Kempel House and have turned the building into a modern and comfortable dwelling at the same time.

The reconstruction includes: 

  • foundation and supporting structures reinforcement;
  • replacement of wooden ceilings with reinforced concrete ones;
  • installation of new roof;
  • restoration of the old-time facade;
  • replacement of all utility services;
  • installation of new elevators to all entrances; 
  • renewal of elements of stairways and access interior;
  • installation of house autonomous gas heater with individual heat consumption counters;
  • replacement of windows.

Due to renewal of engineering utilities and usage energy-saving technologies the overall utility payments have significantly decreased.

Nowadays Kempel House is a combination of extraordinary ancient external design and thought-out modern internal arrangement. The building houses residential apartments and offices.


About House of Kempel 

  • Wall material:                bricks, brickwork thickness is 60 cm 
  • Partition walls:              two layers of plasterboard 150 mm + 100 mm sound insulation
  • Number of entrances:   3 (one is on the Akas Street, two are on the Gertrudes Street)
  • Floors:                           6 floors (Akas Street) and 7 floors (Gertrudes Street)